Speed-up Your Document Management With JBIG2 Converter

We continue to improve our document management system and this time we have implemented a powerful tool that allows you to convert scanned images to JBIG2 lossless format before saving them as PDF file. Below we will discuss how this tool can save you time and money.

JBIG2 is an image compression standard that allows you to convert scanned images to monochrome images. You can read more about this standard in Wikipedia. Please note, TaxWorkFlow JBIG2 converter uses lossless compression and is free of JBIG2 lossy compression defect that was reported to happen on some Xerox Workcentre photocopier and printer machines back in 2013.

Upon converting images to JBIG2 format the PDF file can be composed and saved. An average JBIG2 compression rate is 10-to-1 or more, and that’s the point why you will love this tool. Below are the most obvious advantages of  this conversion:

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