TaxWorkFlow PDF Viewer

We are happy to announce a major document management system enhancement: a built-in PDF viewer that allows users to view PDF documents directly from TaxWorkFlow application. You do not need Adobe PDF Reader or any other third party PDF viewer anymore to be able to view PDF on your computer. Click on any PDF file from your database and it will be automatically opened inside the application. But this does not mean that you can’t use third party software to view your PDF documents. You can still open them in your default Windows application if you want. And using “File Associations” pane you can easily setup if you want to open the document by TaxWorkFlow by default or you prefer some Windows application to open PDF files:

TaxWorkFlow PDF viewer contains the following capabilities:

  • Save file from the database to your local disk
  • Export PDF to TIFF file
  • Export PDF to PNG files
  • Print the document
  • Zoom pages viewing the document
  • Rotate pages if necessary
  • Select text and copy it to clipboard
  • Easy navigation tools
  • Show bookmarks option

Here is how the TaxWorkFlow viewer looks like:

Additionally, we have implemented a mechanism of converting invoices and emails to PDF format inside the TaxWorkFlow. Let’s take a look at the process of creating a PDF document without this feature. The easiest way was to open a print dialog, select TaxWorkFlow PDF printer, print the document, enter the information about the document and place it to the database. The new feature removes several steps from this process significantly simplifying it.

You can find detailed information about all the features in TaxWorkFlow’s online help or by clicking a Help button inside the application.